Monday, August 23, 2010

Spanking Needs

Everybody involved in adult spanking gets some sort of need met. Some of the top needs met for disciplinary style spankings are (based on personal and other’s experience that I’ve talked to): being able to overcome guilt, overcome a behavior that is unhealthy/unproductive, a feeling of security of being “kept in line”, stress relief, and a sense of self-discipline being instilled. For sexual or erotic spankings, sexual needs are met, or it serves as foreplay. Playful spankings, can serve as a recreational outlet, stress relief, or “personal enjoyment”. I separate out role play spankings from the others because they can serve as any of the above three aforementioned; role play could be utilized for working through an issue from the past, for fun, or for sexy fun! For me, I’m in an LDD marriage, so many of my spanking needs will relate to marriage, and we involve all aspects of spanking into our relationship. For my playful spankings, are a sort of recreational outlet but it also provides a bonding experience between my husband and I. Erotic spankings serve as foreplay for us. And disciplinary spankings do provide a sense of security; but they also promote trust and harmony in our relationship.
I would enjoy hearing from you all which needs you get met during spanking.


  1. We could list each of the reasons you've shared too. We also have spankings that are a fun way to interact with spanko friends... like at spanking parties and such. Could maybe call those "social spankings." Here at home though, the majority of our spankings are erotic fun, stress relief or a way to maintain the balance we want in our relationship.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  2. "Social Spankings" - I like that! And, yes, the balance is key; and the erotic spankings are just plain sexy! Thanks for sharing, guys!