Friday, October 15, 2010

Spanking Couples

As an L/DD couple who makes videos, we are often asked and/or told to incorporate other spankers and spankees into our work to give variety and attract more customers (even from customers themselves!), especially since not all of our videos pertain to L/DD. I do see the appeal of a website having a variety of models, however that is just not us. I’d first like to state that my website is not done for the money. What we do is for sheer enjoyment for ourselves, and those who want to see a real life HOH household. We do run our household this way, but we both also happen to be well-rounded spankos who enjoy all aspects of spanking: for discipline of course, as well as erotic and playful/role-play spankings; and for us, we’re really able to separate discipline from the other. Secondly, once we started publishing our real L/DD videos, we heard from so many individuals and couples alike that our videos really provided consistency and substance for them.

So, ok, why not “play” with other couples? This was a decision we made together very early on in our relationship. Both of us used to “play” quite hard and quite often on the SoCal scene before we met. And when we met each other, it was only a matter of a few months before we decided to become exclusive spanking partners. Discipline and spanking is such an integrated part of our relationship and builds such an incredible amount of love, trust, and harmony between the two of us. We don’t have a desire to change partners.

That has become our personal preference. We don’t think that other L/DD couples who choose to play in and/or outside of the relationship are wrong in their choice. I’d like to encourage them to give exclusivity a chance for a year or so. But not every spanko is wired the same. For some, changing partners enhances their relationship just the same.
I just wanted to state it for the record out there to (1) give readers some food for thought on giving this type of experience a chance, and (2) to state for the record that neither of us are snobs on the subject, or with hanging on “the scene”. We don’t go to too many spanko events, though we would like to, because of the pressure that both of us experience to switch partners or even spanko dispositions. We would love to attend spanking parties and the like for a chance to be ourselves openly, and to interact with and make friends that are also into spanking. We’ve met a handful of other couples out there that feel the same way. Therefore, we are looking to plan a “couples spanking retreat” for later next year where those in the same type of relationship can enjoy a spanking event, meet other couples, be themselves, and not feel the pressure to switch partners. If we have not yet met, and you’d be interested in this type of event, do let me know sooner than later so that we can accurately plan a good location so that not everyone has to travel far. You can reach me at Right now we have 3 other couples interested in attending. Given the small number, we are not looking to buy out a floor of a hotel, rather a ranch or multi-unit vacation rental.

Feel free to comment on this subject as I never claim to know it all and hearing other’s perspective, whether in agreement or disagreement with mine, only enhances this blog for everyone.

Happy spankings and have a great weekend!

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